August 18, 2017

The last four surviving units of the sailing "Formula 1" gather up in Club de Mar Mallorca. After more than a century since their launch they still give a spectacular show.

The 15-meter Class is itself a legend. After the birth in Paris in 1907 of the International Yacht Racing Union (IYRU), the world sailing decided on the creation of a desing rule so that unidentical boats could compete in the same conditions. The result was the creation of the 15-meter class formula, a chance for boat designers to creat different lengths and beams, but mathematically identical.

The bay of Palma, with the Illes Balears Classics regatta, is witness these days to the reunion very few regattas in the world can arrange with the presence of Mariska (1908), Hispania (1909), Tuiga (1909) and The Lady Anne (1912), which are the last four survivors of this class of the total 20 that were built.

These majestic vessels, with lengths of 22 to 30 meters, can display a vast sail surface (over 400 square meters) being able to catch the slightest sea breeze. "It is impressive to sail fully rigged. The first time I sailed with all the sails I thought the boat wouldn't take it, everything cracked and made noises, but they are built for that" says Hispania's captain, Axel Rodger.