February 13, 2017

In Club de Mar's facilities the first meeting between Spanish marinas from the Mediterranean Sea who organise Classic Sailing regattas took place. In addition to the hosting club, there were also Real Club Náutico de Barcelona, Club Marítimo de Mahón and Club Náutico Puerto Sherry.

The purpose of this meeting is to consolidate the relationship between the participants in order to collaborate jointly in the promotion and organisation of classic boat regattas, each one with their experience and contacts to promote the competition and contribute to the preservation of this type of fleet.

Among other conclusions, they have decided to promote the existing Spanish classic boats circuit, the Mare Nostrum Classics Trophy, giving it more publicity and improving the participation and classification conditions.
The Trophy will be formed by the Semana Clásica de Puerto Sherry (CNPS), the Puig Vela Classica regatta in Barcelona (RCNB), the Illes Balears Clàssics Trophy (CDM) and the Copa del Rey de Barcos de Época (CMM). It could be extended to other competitions, both national or international.

Other aspects were also discussed such as regatta technical issues, classes, courses, procedures, class signals, wind and sea limitations, etc., as well as adminstratice issues, entry rigths, berthing, joint promotion, advertisement, etc.

It is the Clubs' intention to stay in touch and have regular meetings with the purpose of improving and promoting Classic Sailing and its competitions.